Registration is open for the 10th Anniversary Edition of the International Festival - Masterclass of Byzantine Chant of Iași, 10-14 July 2017

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masterclass de cant bizantin iasi 2013This year, the organisers have prepared a special programme to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the largest Byzantine music event in the country. Mr Panagiotis Neochoritis, the Archon Protopsaltis of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople and his team of musicians, Assoc. Prof. Maria Alexandru and the Paleography Team of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, as well as other surprise guests, are the highlights of the programme. The 10th Anniversary Edition is dedicated to the personality that founded the Masterclass project in Iasi, Lykourgos Angelopoulos († 2014) – the Maestro, Master and Man.

In addition to the "marathon" of practical and theoretical courses in history, musicology and palaography, the programme will include the Extraordinary Concert that will close our series of events. This year’s edition is posited to be one of high academic standards and a unique opportunity to improve our skills and grow with the Archon Protopsaltis of Constantinople. If you are passionate about Byzantine music, you can sign up for the Masterclass by filling in the form below.


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  • Corul Byzantion - „Ca un om ai venit”, plagal glas IV, de arhiereul Gherman Neon Paron (sc. XVII)
  • Corul Byzantion - „Cuvine-se cu adevărat”
  • Corul Byzantion - Stihira „Acum, proorocia”
  • Corul Byzantion - Stihira „Betleeme, gătește-te”
  • Corul Byzantion - Slava „Astăzi se naște din Fecioara”
  • Corul Byzantion - Slava „Acestea zice Iosif”
  • Corul Byzantion - Irmosul Calofonic „Hristos se naște”
  • Corul Byzantion - Irmos la Nașterea Domnului, pe larg, de Macarie Ieromonahul
  • Corul Byzantion - Matima „Hristos se naște”, de Balasie Iereul
  • Corul Byzantion - Irmos la Nașterea Domnului, de Macarie Ieromonahul
  • Corul Byzantion - Condacul Nașterii Domnului „Fecioara, astăzi”
  • Corul Byzantion - Stihira „Mai înainte de Nașterea Ta”
  • Corul Byzantion - „Fluierul cel păstoresc”, podobie glasul I
  • Corul Byzantion - „Piatra fiind pecetluită”, podobie glasul I
  • Corul Byzantion - „Mormântul Tău, Mântuitorule”, podobie glasul I
  • Corul Byzantion - „Prin mâncare a scos din Rai”, podobie glasul I
  • Corul Byzantion - „Pentru rugăciunile tuturor sfinților”, podobie glasul I
  • Corul Byzantion - „Nor al luminii”, podobie glasul I

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